Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Beer Sampling Valve

Sanitary Stainless Steel Sample Valves mainly applied to extract sample from tank or pipeline. It also can be assembled at the bottom of the tank or pipeline to drain away the remains.It is apply for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industries. As well as all other sectors requiring sanitary type equipment..
Material of Product Wetted  316L (DIN-1.4404)
Material of Non-product Wetted  304 (DIN-1.4301) 
Seal material PTFE/Silicone,PTFE/FPM (PV-1),PTFE (PV-2)
Seal material All seal materials comply with FDA 177.2600. 
Continuous working temperature  -20oC +135oC (EPDM) 
Sterilization temperature  150oC (Max 20min) 
Working pressure  0~10bar
Internal surface  Ra0.8μm
External surface  Shot blasting 
Size -1/2" 3/4"
Surface Treatment Inner Surface Treatment  
External Surface Treatment
Advantage 1. Sanitary condition passed FDA Certification
2. With strong resistance to acid, alkali and high temperature
3. Slight deformation under long-term compression presicion forging valve cartridge. Withstand voltages
4. Appearance desigh: Keep pace with international latest designs
5. Service life: Comparable to imported Sample valve, with 18months warrenty for normal use