VAV Pressure/ Vacuum Relief Valve

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VAV Pressure/ Vacuum Relief Valve
VAV Pressure Relief Valve Vacuum


VAV Series Stainless Steel Sanitary Pressure/ Vacuum Relief Valve is a self-acting device, designed for keeping tanks to work properly. It could release air out of tanks to maintain pressure, and also absorb air into tanks to be anti-vacuum.


  • Body Materials: AISI-304 or AISI-316L

Standard Design

  • Available in size: 1-1.5", 2", 2.5"
  • Installation: supposed to be installed overhead tanks
  • Standard: DIN, SMS, ISO / IDF, BS / RJT, ASME / BPE
  • Connection: butt-welded, clamp, or other's upon request

Technical Specification

  • Working Pressure: 14.5psi/ 1bar (standard), could be pre-set before production
  • Temperature range: medium


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