Sanitary Regular Angle Seat Valve

VA series angle seat valves, can be well used in dairy products,pharmacy,beer,food,environment protection water treatment,cosmetics and chemical engineering field.


  • Materials: AISI-316L
  • Size: 3/4''
  • Seal Material: PTFE

Working Principle:

This valve has precision design, can respond quickly, with extremely small water hammer action but with higher flow speed; There is self-adjusting seal gland between overflow port and sliding block,valve body corner seat structure can ensure comparatively large flow capacity, extend service lifetime, with characteristics such as being economical, non-maintenance, easy installation and low energy consumption.

Standard Design

  • Structure: Corner seat
  • Size: 3/4”-2.5”, DN20-DN65
  • Pressure Range: 1-16BAR
  • Medium Temperature: -10℃ to +180℃
  • Ambient Temperature: -100℃ to +600℃
  • Control Gas: Neutral gas,air
  • Connection Type: Weld,Clamp,Female,Flange,etc
  • Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO / IDF, BS / RJT, ASME / BPE.